Hey Ladies, I just wanted to take time to thank Bec at the St Ives store so much for recommending Sage to me when I came to the St Ives store to try on a range of dresses. I never even looked at Sage and Bec saw my body shape and recommended her to me. She was everything I could have dreamt of and more. Thank You SO much one again

All my Love, Jacqui 😊


Hi Emmy Mae team,

I might be a little biased saying this but I honestly think your Bec dress is the most beautiful wedding dress I’ve ever seen (literally ever, and I spend a lot of time on Pinterest!!). I’ve also never felt more beautiful in my life. We had a little 10-person wedding in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with our ceremony in park next to the lake. Thank you for being a part of our special day, I am so happy I found your brand. Enjoy these photos by our amazing photographer, Matt Lien.

xx Andrea

Revelle Bridal in Ottawa is the BOMB!!


I wore your sage dress for my wedding in July and it was everything I could hope for in a dress. It was beautiful, sexy, fun, delicate and bold at the same time—-and comfortable! I loved my dress.



Hi there !

I would love to share you you some of the amazing photos from our wedding with me wearing my dream dress!! I have never felt more beautiful or glamorous then on this day is this amazing dress. Also to your beautiful team at your Sydney stall who picked this dress for me something I never would have picked myself, I am just so in love.

Thank you so much

Love Mel xx


Hello EMB team!

My name is Alex and I just recently got married on September 21! I was so excited to wear your Dakota gown and felt the most beautiful I’ve ever felt! It’s strange that a dress can have such a magical effect. Wanted to share some photos from our wedding day that I thought showcased this gorgeous dress so well!

Thank you for designing beautiful gowns! I know I won’t forget mine!



Thank you so much for creating the perfect dress for my AMAZING day. I felt the best I ever had and had nothing but compliments in BEC! My husband loved how it was classy yet sexy at the same time. So thank you again for making this beautiful dress!

LOVE Katelynn Vachris <3